The Trans-Pacific Partnership would impose SOPA-style Internet censorship worldwide -- but we can stop it.

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Tell Your Lawmakers: Reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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    It's official: the Trans-Pacific Partnership is SOPA on steroids. Thanks to a leaked chapter of the secret international treaty, we now know that the TPP would grant unprecedented snooping and censorship powers to ISPs, copyright holders, and governments. 

    Sign to the right to tell your lawmakers: Oppose the TPP and SOPA-style internet censorship. 

    The TPP would encourage ISPs to censor web content, prosecute supposed copyright infringers without due process, spy on your web activity, share your private data with copyright holders, and even block your internet connection altogether. 

    The intellectual property provisions in the TPP -- leaked by WikiLeaks last week -- amount to a wish-list for Hollywood and Big Pharma: criminalizing small-scale downloading, destroying Fair Use standards, and undermining access to medicine for million of people worldwide.

    We still have time to stop this corporate coup d'etat -- sign to tell your lawmakers stand against censorship and corporate protectionism.

    The TPP sacrifices our democratic power to serve the interests of giant companies. Lax food safety rules, unregulated fracking, overseas job shifts, rocketing drug prices, internet monopolies, slashes to public services to profit Wall Street robbers -- are just some of the projected effects of the TPP.

    And if the President has his way, this thing will be "fast-tracked" through Congress -- which means lawmakers' won't get a chance to debate or modify the trade law. 

    Sign to the right to tell Congress to reject "fast track" trade authority -- and stop the TPP!

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    Here's the full text of the leaked document from Wikileaks. And a summary from Electronic Frontier Foundation.