The Wrong CHOICE Act is the “major elimination” of Wall Street reform that Trump promised his banker buddies.

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PETITION: Tell Congress to oppose Wall Street’s Wrong CHOICE Act

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    Petition to Congress:
    The so-called CHOICE Act (H.R. 10) would gut the Consumer Bureau, Dodd-Frank and many of the banking regulations that were put in place to prevent another economic crisis like the 2008 Great Recession. As a member of Congress, you should be strengthening rules to protect consumers and the economy from the abuses of Wall Street greed, not pushing deregulatory giveaways to enrich bankers. I am calling on you to strongly oppose the “Wrong CHOICE Act.”

    Wall Street's hoping you're too busy looking at Trump's scandals to see them slip a wishlist of deregulations through Congress.

    They're really banking on you not paying attention. Every year Wall Street's pet Republicans introduce a bill to eliminate the financial protections that could prevent another economic crash like the one in 2008.

    But now Trump's in the White House. He's itching to sign Wall Street deregulation into law and give his banker friends everything they're asking for.

    SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Congress not to give Wall Street its wishlist. They need to oppose the Wrong CHOICE Act.

    Trump has been promising bank executives for months that he would kill Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform reining in the big banks.

    Trump told a room full of CEOs that after he does “a major elimination” of Dodd-Frank, “the bankers in the room, they'll be very happy.”1

    The Wrong CHOICE Act is exactly the type of Christmas present for big banks that Trump was talking about. Here's a quick tour of why it’s an unbelievably bad idea:

    • It would gut Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB. After returning $12 billion over the past 6 years from banks and financial companies to the customers they’ve cheated, the Wrong CHOICE Act would ban the Consumer Bureau from getting that kind of money back to cheated consumers.2
    • It would effectively kill Dodd-Frank by eliminating key parts of the law's ability to rein in Too Big To Fail banks.2
    • It would give free rein to predatory lenders, and block the Consumer Bureau from working to stop subprime mortgage lenders andpayday loan centers from sucking borrowers into a debt trap.4

    It's as if Wall Street is fine risking another 2008-style crash -- as long as they can make some extra money in the meantime.

    Tell Congress to oppose the CHOICE Act and protect consumers and the economy from Wall Street's greed.



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