Cyber Security: Tell Senate To Protect Privacy

We're taking part in an Internet-wide day of action: Last week's vote was delayed, so now the Senate version of CISPA looks like it'll be voted on later THIS WEEK. Pro-privacy changes have been added to the bill, but they don't go far enough to protect us from undue surveillance by the government and corporations. 

Specifically, Al Franken and Rand Paul are pushing an amendment to make sure companies can't spy on their users' private communications.

Please fill out the form below to call your senators and ask them to support it-- it'll just take a minute, and we'll give you a script you can use.

Surveillance proponents are going to try to kill amendments like this one and eat into the pro-privacy changes that have already been made. Congressional staffers say we can win these fights, but we need to up the volume of constituent contacts -- please help us bombard Congress with calls this week.

Here's what to say (not ? click here):

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