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We expect a vote on the Senate cyber-security bill next week.  Our activism has already generated huge improvements in the bill -- but we need to keep PUSHING AGAINST surveillance advocates' attempts to undermine our gains, and we need to keep PUSHING FOR more privacy protections.

Use the links below to urge your friends to bring pressure to bear on their lawmakers, and to share the image at right -- so everbody knows about the urgency of this effort.

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    Fwd: Next week's vote

    The Senate version of CISPA looks like it'll be voted on next week. But let's start with the good news: Our efforts to secure Internet freedom and privacy protections have largely worked -- and frankly, far better than we'd expected. Provisions have been added to:

    Keep the data in the hands of civilian agencies (as opposed to the National Security Agency);
    Restrict the government's use of the information to cyber security issues and the prevention of immediate physical harm;
    Require annual reporting on the data's use; and
    Let Americans sue the government for abuse;
    A clandestine attack on Net Neutrality has been removed.
    Our allies -- like Senators Al Franken and Ron Wyden -- deserve credit for pushing for these improvements. And you, our members, deserve credit for bringing pressure to bear on the powers-that-be.

    Please add your name to help us protect privacy rights as this bill moves forward. Just click here:

    There's still work ahead of us: Surveillance advocates are likely to attack these new privacy provisions, while our allies are going to offer further amendments to make the bill better. We'll update you on details as they become available, but for now, please send an email to your senators urging them to vote in ways that protect our privacy rights and Internet freedom.

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