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The key votes on whether the government can access our emails without warrants will take place next week.  We need to make sure that amendments to protect our privacy pass, and that those that would afford the government even more expansive access to our emails fail.

Please urge your friends to email their senators right away -- before the vote THIS THURSDAY.  You can use the links below.

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    Come back with a warrant

    There's a key vote THIS THURSDAY: If you don't want the government to be able to read your emails without a warrant, please add your name here:

    The current dynamic is all over the place -- sometimes the government can read your emails without warrants, sometimes it can't. This week the Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking up amendments that could vastly improve the situation, though some members of the committee are doing law enforcement's bidding and might try to give the spooks even easier access to our emails.

    It's a good moment for us to speak up, as the General Petraeus email scandal has revealed the astonishing degree of access the government has to our emails and personal information.

    Plainly put: The FBI gained warrantless access to a series of email accounts, and took down one of the figures most respected by the political establishment and the mainstream media. They can absolutely do the same thing to any last one of us.

    Join us as we urge the Senate to protect us from undue government access to our emails: Tell them to come back with a warrant. Just click here to email the Senate before this week's vote.


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