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      Plan your protest at a Verizon store or Congressional office for a time that's easy for you and others to get there. Lunchtime and the end of the work day (and before the store or office closes) are the best times.

      Tell us where your protest is so others can join you!

      Click here to find a Verizon Wireless store near you. Do not select an authorized retailer (identified by a blue icon) for your protest location. Your protest will ONLY be approved if it’s at a Verizon Wireless store identified by a red icon here. Also, your event will not be approved if it is in a mall, as malls tend to be private property.

      Be sure to pick a location that’s central, has good visibility, is easy to get to and/or near public transportation.

      If there is no Verizon Wireless store near you, protest at your member of Congress’s local office.

      NOTE: Event addresses are public.

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      Now, please review these Team internet rules:

      • Team Internet events are open to the public.
      • Events must have a specific street address so they can be placed on the map.
      • The event description should tell potential attendees what will happen at the event. Is it a drop-in at a Congressional office? Protest? Letter writing house party? Give a brief description of what the volunteers can expect, in addition to why the event is necessary.
      • Event descriptions should specify support for Net Neutrality. We don’t post generic meetings or events.
      • We promote events that are free to the public. If a contribution is required (rather than optional) for attendance, it won’t be approved. Events that appear to be fundraising focused will not be posted.
      • Events including obscenities or offensive language won’t be approved.
      • Team Internet is nonpartisan. If your event refers to defeating or electing candidates for office or promoting a political party, it can’t be approved. 
      • Candidates for office and political parties can post events if the focus is on organizing support for Net Neutrality as opposed to electioneering.

      Next, we’ll review your event for approval.