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As national “Small Business Week” approaches, small business owners and Internet users are uniting to take a strong stand for net neutrality rules.

On May 2nd, at 12pm local time, businesses and concerned citizens will gather at Congressional offices across the country to deliver an open letter to lawmakers and hold press conferences outside offices to get the attention of local media, just weeks before Congress is expected to vote on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to block the FCC’s net neutrality repeal.

To organize a local delivery and press conference, simply fill out your information below so we can post it on the map and recruit others to join you.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. Many people who organize a delivery are doing it for the first time. Organizing a delivery and local press conference will make a difference, and we’ll be here to help you.

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      To decide where to hold your delivery and press conference, you will need to decide which Senator or Representatives’ office to organize your event at. Use this spreadsheet to find out which one of your lawmaker’s still has not come out in support of the net neutrality CRA resolution and find their in-district office address. If you have both a senator and a representative, prioritize the senator. If all of your members are in support of the CRA, pick one at a location that’s easier for you to organize. In order to win, we need to BOTH persuade as many members of Congress as possible to vote for the CRA resolution and thank those that already are.

      Need help figuring out who represents you in Congress? Click here. Make sure to include the office address of your member of Congress as the “event address” below.

      NOTE: Event addresses are public.

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      Tell us which lawmaker you are visiting by adding their name to the "Event Name" section below. For example, before submitting your event, the event name should read, "Small Businesses Save the Internet Senator NAME," or, "Small Businesses Save the Internet Representative NAME."

      Now, please review these Team internet rules:

      • Team Internet events are open to the public.
      • Events must have a specific street address so they can be placed on the map.
      • Event descriptions should specify support for Net Neutrality. We don’t post generic meetings or events.
      • We promote events that are free to the public. If a contribution is required (rather than optional) for attendance, it won’t be approved. Events that appear to be fundraising focused will not be posted.
      • Events including obscenities or offensive language won’t be approved.
      • Team Internet is nonpartisan. If your event refers to defeating or electing candidates for office or promoting a political party, it can’t be approved. 
      • Candidates for office and political parties can post events if the focus is on organizing support for Net Neutrality as opposed to electioneering.

      Next, we’ll review your event for approval.