Our taxes pay for nonpartisan Congressional Research Services Reports — it's time for public access to them!

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Tell Congress: It's time for public access to Congressional Research Service Reports!

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    The Congressional Research Service. It's a little-known government agency attached to the Library of Congress that produces nonpartisan papers on everything Congress does — such as the Farm Bill, or the defense budget. 

    These reports are an important read for members of Congress balancing multiple, complicated policy issues at once. But they're not widely available to American taxpayers, who pay more than $100 million annually in support of the service. 

    With so much spin, we deserve to hear it straight. Instead, we have to know what to ask for when we call our members of Congress — or pay a third-party a lot of money to access this content.

    CRS reports can inform the public about important issues Congress may be considering. And in the age of partisan gridlock and angry talking heads, access to this kind of thoughtful analysis on the issues we care about has never been more important.

    Sign the petition calling on Congress to make ALL non-confidential Congressional Research Service Reports public and published online!