Big Cable is ripping you off.

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Tell the FCC and Congress: Stop Big Cable’s set top box ripoff

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    If you pay for cable TV, there’s a good chance you’ve got a clunky box from the cable company on your TV stand, a “set top box.”

    Here’s the catch: Cable companies force consumers to pay an average of $231 a year to rent these set top boxes – when there are cheaper and more innovative options to choose from!

    The FCC is in a 60 day comment period right now, deciding whether to move forward with rules that would end these old fashioned set top box fees and lead to innovation and lower prices for consumers.

    Who’s standing in the way? Big Cable.

    It’s not hard to guess why: Comcast and the rest of the pay TV industry makes almost $20 billion every year from not giving us a choice.

    Send a letter to file a public comment telling the FCC and Congress to end Big Cable’s set top box monopoly and let people choose what’s best for themselves.