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    FIGHT BACK: Big Banks Want To Crack Down On Whistleblowers

    They're just puppets. Congressional shills for the big banks are pushing new legislation to undermine whistle-blowers. Under a proposal just introduced by Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY), employees who strive to reveal corruption at the banks would be penalized unless they report wrongdoing to their bosses first, before going public: They'd be risking their jobs and giving the corporations a chance to cover their tracks.

    Will you fight back by urging your lawmakers to vote against Grimm's offensive proposal?  Please just fill out the form at right.

    It should be no surprise that Grimm is proving a puppet for big business: According to, He raised more than $330,000 for his 2010 election from the finance, insurance, and real estate industries.

    The financial collapse might have been far less severe if more employees had spoken out against corrupt corporate practices -- that's why the financial reform legislation that passed last year included new incentives and protections for whistle-blowers.  But now Grimm's bill would reduce rewards for whistle-blowers and penalize them if they reveal their allegations to the public before they report them to their bosses.

    Just fill out the form at right and we'll automatically email your lawmakers -- under your name -- to ask them to oppose this terrible bill.

    The text of H.R. 2483 is posted here.

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