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    Vote NO: Cyber Sec Vote THIS WEEK

    The Senate version of CISPA looks like it'll be voted on later THIS WEEK. We need senators to OPPOSE the bill, but SUPPORT pro-privacy amendments to it.  Please add your name at right to email your Senators.

    But let's highlight some good news: Our efforts to secure Internet freedom and privacy protections have largely worked -- and frankly, far better than we'd expected.  Provisions have been added to:

    Now these changes are under attack by pro-surveillance forces.  

    Please add your name at right to help us protect privacy rights as this bill moves forward, and then use these links to share the image at right, so everybody knows how urgent this effort is:

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    Just add your name at right to email the Senate -- the vote is later THIS WEEK.

    Here's the ACLU's blog post on the changes to the bill.Just add your name at right to email the Senate -- the vote is later THIS WEEK.