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    NDAA Vote THIS WEEK: Tell Senate to end indefinite detention

    UPDATE: The timeline on this is tortuous, but the vote could still take place TODAY.  We have adjusted the email text that will be sent to the Senate (by those who take action Thursday afternoon and beyond) to specifically reflect support for Senator Udall's amendment, out of concern that other amendments that purport to address indefinite detention are too narrow.

    ORIGINAL: The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allows the United States military to detain civilians indefinitely and without charge or trial -- even American citizens. Help us reverse this travesty of justice by adding your name at right.

    The Senate is taking up the 2013 NDAA THURSDAY.  Several senators are poised to put forth amendments to revoke or narrow the indefinite detention powers that we've been fighting so hard over the last year.

    Demand Progress members have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Congress and have helped fund the courageous lawsuit by Chris Hedges et al -- which recently spurred a federal judge to rule that indefinite detention is unconstitutional.

    We are specifically supporting Senator Udall's amendment, which is preferable to other for reasons outlined above.

    Earlier this year we helped push an anti-indefinite detention amendment to the House's version of the NDAA to the brink of passage.  The Senate is friendly turf for us: We have a real chance of winning this fight.

    Please email the Senate in front of its critical vote -- it could happen this week.