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    Vote is TOMORROW! Tell your lawmakers to oppose NSA surveillance:

    This is the real deal: As the NSA spying revelations continue to unfold, we increasingly find ourselves facing the reality that -- at any moment -- the federal government could be listening to our phone calls, watching our email traffic, keeping tabs on our Internet browsing, or worse.

    But now we have our first real chance to fight back -- please add your name at right to take a stand.

    On Wednesday Reps Justin Amash, John Conyers, and others will offer an amendment to defund much of the NSA's broad-based domestic surveillance. 

    We have a chance of winning this vote -- and, critically, we also have an opportunity to get our lawmakers on record.  We'll finally know who supports spying on Americans, and who opposes it.

    This is a huge opportunity -- and we don't know when we'll have another one like it.  Please help us make the most of it.  

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    Add your name at right to send a note to your lawmakers.