Nobody thought it could be done, but it looks like we've turned the tide against the Internet Blacklist Bill. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi just spoke out against it, and Republican Darrell Issa says it now stands "no chance of passage!" Click here to keep up the pressure:

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Oppose Internet Censorship: Help Defeat PIPA And SOPA

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    Internet censorship legislation is barreling through Congress, and could come up for a vote in the next couple of weeks.  

    Please fill out the form at right to ask your lawmakers to oppose the legislation -- and visit to ask for the Senator who's going to filibuster the bill to read your name into the record from the floor of the Senate.

    Here's what the Washington Post wrote about it last week:

    Imagine a country where the government is able to shut down Web sites at the slightest provocation, where elected representatives invoke fears of "overseas pirates" to defend the interests of domestic industries, and where Internet companies like Google must cave in to the demands of government censors or risk being shut down.

    No, we are not talking about China, North Korea or Iran — we are talking about the United States, where legislators in both the House and Senate are attempting to push through new anti-piracy legislation by year-end that would benefit Hollywood at the expense of Silicon Valley.

    The Stop Online Piracy Act would ruin so much of what's best about the Internet: It will give the government and corporations new powers to block Americans' access to sites that are accused of copyright infringement, force sites like YouTube to go to new lengths to police users' contributions, and put people in prison for streaming certain content online.

    Just fill out the form at right to ask your lawmakers to oppose these Internet censorship bills.

    This recent Washington Post article provides a concise overview of what's wrong with these bills.

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