Post video of friends singing Karaoke? Go to jail. THIS WEEK Senators will be voting on a "Ten Strikes" bill to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content -- like music in the background of Youtube videos -- more than ten times. Please click here to email your lawmakers right away.

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URGENT: Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony

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    Tell Congress to oppose S. 978, the new "Ten Strikes" bill

    We were amazed to see hundreds of user-generated videos about S.978 pop up on YouTube after an action alert we sent out a few weeks ago.  Our wonderful crew of summer interns used those videos to make this mash-up, which explains why this bill -- which would make it a felony to stream certain copyrighted content -- is such bad news.

    Please check out the video, use the form at right to email your lawmakers if you haven't had a chance to yet, and ask your friends to join the fight too:

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    Just sign on at right and we'll send an email to your lawmakers.

    Click here to read TechDirt's take on the bill.  The bill's text is here.