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    Tell Senate allies: Thank you for fighting for my son Aaron Swartz

    It's now been almost five months since the death of our friend and ally Aaron Swartz. In that time, we have mounted a vigorous campaign -- along with hundreds of thousands of Demand Progress members -- to change the unjust laws under which he was indicted and reprimand law enforcement officials for the abusive and disproportional nature of his prosecution. 

    A few legislators have heeded our call and taken it upon themselves to ask the unsettling questions about Aaron's prosecution that need to be asked. And they deserve thanks.


    Over the past five months, I have been heartened to see the memory of my son galvanizing a powerful movement for change. I can tell you, it's what Aaron would have wanted.

    It has been your efforts that have led some lawmakers to pursue an investigation of Aaron's vindictive, cruel and disproportionate prosecution. When the Justice Department appeared before the Judiciary Committee to discuss Aaron's case, Senators Patrick Leahy, John Cornyn, and Al Franken all pushed for answers. And for that they deserve thanks. 

    At the request of these senators, the Department of Justice recently briefed Senate Judiciary Committee staffers on their prosecution of Aaron -- but more questions remain.  

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: my son was destroyed by a system and prosecutors who still don’t understand the nature of what they did.

    They destroyed my son by their callousness and inflexibility.

    And the work of changing that system -- of getting answers to our unanswered questions about Aaron's prosecution -- remains before us. For now, it's important that those lawmakers who've already joined our cause know that we are thankful, and that we will continue to stand with them as they use their power to hold DOJ to account and seek justice for Aaron.

    Please sign this note joining me in thanking them for pursuing the investigation, and let them know that we'll stand with them as they keep pressing forward. 

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