WikiLeaks reveals: the Trans-Pacific Partnership would mean worldwide SOPA-style internet censorship -- and three strikes!

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    Big companies are trying to destroy the Internet as we know it – and they’re trying to do it without us even having the chance to protect it.

    Yesterday, WikiLeaks published a previously secret chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – and it’s even worse than we thought. The TPP doesn’t just impose SOPA-style censorship – it would encourage a three-strike rule on Internet users.

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    There’s no limit to the problems in the TPP. It would criminalize small-scale downloading, kick people off the Internet after less than a handful of infringement accusations, destroy Fair Use standards, destroy access to medicine for millions of people, and so much more.

    It’s no surprise, then, that the actual text of the TPP has been kept secret – it’s the only way laws like this that benefit big Hollywood studios and huge pharmaceutical companies could pass. Now that the text has been leaked, it’s clear we don’t have much time to stop this.

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    We’ve been most of the policies in the TPP before – and that’s precisely why they’re being bundled into a secret treaty. Fewer people pay attention, and then, at the end of the day, companies can go back to a Congress that refused to play along and say that now these provisions are part of international treaty obligations and force compliance.

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    PETITION TO WORLD LEADERS: the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a treaty designed to serve the interests of massive corporations to the detriment of the world's citizens. It would impose extreme censorship and punish everyday internet users. I demand that my government oppose this agreement.

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    Here's the full text of the leaked document from Wikileaks. And a summary from the Guardian.