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    Share a YouTube Video? Go to Jail!

    UPDATE:  Lots of coverage of our efforts this week. THE HILL: Groups slam online piracy efforts; TECHDIRT: People Across Political Spectrum Come Out Against COICA Censorship Bill; CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY: Online piracy bipartisan domain; POLITICO: Groups blast Leahy piracy bill.

    ORIGINAL: Ever sent someone a link to a copyrighted YouTube video? Of course -- everybody has.  And now the US Government seems to think that means it can put us in prison.

    Bryan McCarthy ran a website,, that linked to various websites where you could watch online streams of TV shows and sports networks. A couple months ago, the government seized his domain name and on Friday they arrested him for criminal copyright infringement.

    But the government doesn't even allege he made a copy of anything!  Just that his site linked to various sites with copyrighted material. Under that sort of thinking, everyone who's sent around a link to a copyrighted YouTube video is a criminal.

    This is another shocking overreach by the department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) -- a steamship-era department that's proving once again it doesn't understand the Internet. We need to push back -- and fast -- before they try to lock up all Americans.

    TEXT OF PETITION TO JOHN MORTON, DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT:  There's nothing wrong or illegal about posting a link to a website.  This is another shocking overreach by ICE:  You need to drop the charges against Bryan McCarthy right away.

    Just sign on at right -- we'll deliver the petition to ICE later this month.

    Here's TechDirt's take on the arrest. We've just gotten a copy of the official complaint: read it here.