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Expand the Supreme Court!

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    Expand the Supreme Court!

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    We urge you to immediately expand the number of seats on the U.S. Supreme Court by at least four, and quickly appoint new justices to fill those seats. The future of our democracy and our basic rights depends on it!

    Since Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement a few weeks ago, we've heard a lot of buzz about the confirmation battle ahead. We also need to be thinking about the fate of the Supreme Court as an institution. 

    President Biden's commitment to nominating a Black woman jurist to fill Breyer's seat is a good start. But, in Rep. Ayanna Pressley's words, justice is "not actualized by any one person."1

    In order to stop the Supreme Court's attack on our basic rights, this country needs a progressive Black woman on the court — and we also need structural reform. Congress must add seats to the Supreme Court. Add your name if you agree. 

    Rep. Pressley clearly stated in a recent interview: "We need to nominate and confirm a Black woman to the Supreme Court. We need to pass Rep. [Hank] Johnson and [Mondaire] Jones's legislation to expand the courts, for which there is precedence: Congress has done this seven times before."2

    Congress can pass legislation to rebalance the Supreme Court now, before Republicans have the chance to secure a Congressional majority in the midterms. It's constitutional, it's happened before, and it's the only way to stop the radical right takeover of our courts and our country! 

    In early February, the far right supermajority on the Supreme Court allowed racist gerrymandering to continue in Alabama, effectively disenfranchising Black voters.3 And we're likely to see the court deliver more racist, pro-corporate decisions on voting rights, abortion, affirmative action, and gun rights in the months to come. 

    As 14 Black women lawmakers wrote to President Biden, it's clearer than ever that the administration must "appoint a Black woman with a strong track record of advancing civil and constitutionally protected rights" to the Supreme Court. It's also clear that it's time to expand the Supreme Court — before Republicans have the chance to secure a congressional majority in the midterms.4 Congress can and must add seats to the Supreme Court right now! 

    Sign the petition: Urge Congress to expand the Supreme Court and save our basic rights!

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