Now Charter wants to buy Time Warner Cable — and join Comcast as one of two companies that would control two-thirds of the nation's high-speed broadband customers. Tell the FCC to stop it.

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    Merger-mania is back.

    Charter has announced that they want to take a crack at buying Time Warner Cable. This new deal, with transactions valued at nearly $90 billion, would allow Charter and Comcast to control nearly two-thirds of the nation's high-speed broadband customers. 

    Once again, we'll have companies that have no interest in improving broadband infrastructure, service or speeds. 

    America continues to lag far behind the rest of the developed world in Internet service, speed and affordability. The profit-greedy telecom industry has opposed infrastructure improvement at every opportunity, particularly in low-income and rural neighborhoods.

    The Federal Communications Commission needs to hear from you — it's in their power to stop this merger.


    Houston, we have a monopoly problem. Charter's bid to take over Time Warner Cable is just another example of cable companies looking for a way to increase their profits instead of improving service for customers. Please take a stand against this merger. American consumers deserve MORE competition in the broadband market, not less.

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