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REJECT the GOP plan to defund Medicare!

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    REJECT the GOP plan to defund Medicare!

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    We urge you to reject all budget proposals and other attempts to cut Medicare.

    Republicans in Congress, led by Kevin McCarthy, are hellbent on destroying America’s social safety net. 156 House Republicans recently signed onto an extreme MAGA budget that would end Medicare as we know it and raise prescription drug costs.1

    This is the dangerous GOP playbook — try every last way to cut Medicare and Social Security. We can’t let it happen.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to REJECT the GOP’s attempt to defund Medicare and jack up prescription drug prices.

    If Republicans can destroy Medicare, health insurance corporations benefit in a big way. If Republicans can raise prescription drug prices, Big Pharma benefits with even more profits. The GOP is governing for their mega-donors, not the people of America.

    This extreme MAGA budget would destroy a fundamental part of America’s public health care system by turning Medicare into a so-called “voucher” based program, which would strip away the guarantee of health care for seniors.2

    Kevin McCarthy won’t stop until he wins for his corporate allies and costs Americans money, health care, and our dignity.

    Add your name: Congress must reject McCarthy’s extreme MAGA budget to slash Medicare.


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