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Reject GOP attempts to cut IRS funding!

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    Reject GOP attempts to cut IRS funding!

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    We urge you to stop efforts to strip funding from the Internal Revenue Service.

    Ever since Democrats added an extra $80 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the Inflation Reduction Act to hold the ultra-wealthy accountable, Republicans have been on a crusade to rollback that funding. Why? Because additional funding provides the IRS with much needed capacity to crack down on billionaire tax cheats.

    Now, Republicans are even using the conflict in Gaza to try to cut IRS funding. New GOP Speaker Mike Johnson led passage of a bill in the House to cut $14 billion from IRS funding to fund an aid package to Israel.1

    This is clearly a high priority for Republicans before the next funding deadline just days away — worth it to the GOP to unleash a deluge of disinformation and try to take advantage of international armed conflict. Congress must protect IRS funding from GOP cuts.

    Sign the petition: Congress must reject the GOP plan to defund the IRS!

    Republicans like Ted Cruz have joined with Fox News to spread outlandish, fear-mongering propaganda about Democrats and President Biden increasing funding for the tax enforcement agency. Cruz made wild claims that there would be “87,000 new IRS agents” to harass everyday Americans.2

    We’ve seen Republicans consistently try to distract, spread fear, and lie about policies they don’t want enacted — especially policies that will hurt the rich, corporations, and their wealthy donors. Now, Republicans are even trying to use thousands of deaths in Israel and Gaza as a strategy for cutting IRS funds.

    The IRS is a critically underfunded agency that has needed resources for years. When Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, they offered a huge boost to the IRS and its efforts to audit the rich and recover the taxes owed to the government by the ultra-wealthy.

    There’s no reason some millionaires and billionaires should be able to wriggle out of paying their taxes when the vast majority of everyday hard-working Americans pay each and every year.

    Add your name: Stop Mike Johnson, Ted Cruz, and the GOP from gutting IRS funding. Wealthy tax cheats must pay their taxes!


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