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Moderna Vaccine Price Hikes

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    Moderna Vaccine Price Hikes

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    Moderna is preparing to quadruple the price per dose of its vaccine. This is blatant profiteering off of an historically devastating public health crisis. A truly despicable display of corporate greed. Congress/President Biden must intervene and ensure that the vaccine remains free and accessible for ALL Americans.

    COVID vaccines are set to hit the commercial market and Moderna wants to capitalize by QUADRUPLING the price of a dose.1 Insatiable corporate greed taking advantage of a public health emergency, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

    President Biden can prevent this opportunistic profiteering through executive action that guarantees free availability of the life-saving vaccine.

    Sign the petition: Tell President Biden to stop corporate profiteering off of COVID vaccines by guaranteeing free access to all Americans.

    Moderna was only able to develop the vaccine because of a massive investment by the Federal Government. That taxpayer money enabled the Moderna CEO to become a multi-billionaire. They’re returning the favor by jacking up the price the moment they’re able to.

    Estimates show that the cost of producing the vaccine is about $2.85 per dose.2 Up until now, the government has been buying the vaccine at $26 per dose and distributing it to the American people for free.1 Moderna has already made over $19 billion dollars in profit3 off of the COVID vaccine which was made in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).[cite] The only reason for them to increase the price per dose to over $110 is so Moderna can grow these massive profit margins.

    Pure greed.

    Let’s not forget that this vaccine saved millions of lives. It was one of the most important scientific achievements in history. To leverage a global crisis for MASSIVE profit is super-villain level evil. Congress must crackdown on Moderna and other vaccine producers to prevent this type of soulless price gouging on critically important vaccines.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to stop corporate profiteering off of COVID vaccines by guaranteeing free access to all Americans.

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    2. OXFAM International, “Vaccine monopolies make cost of vaccinating the world against COVID at least 5 times more expensive than it could be,” July 29, 2021.