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    Tell Governor Perdue: Veto Broadband Restrictions

    UPDATE, MAY 19TH: Please fill out the form at right -- even if you've already sent an email to your legislators -- to ask Governor Perdue to veto the high-speed broadband ban.

    NOTE TO GOVERNOR BEV PERDUE: HB129 abd SB87 are huge giveaways to the Telecom industry which will reduce access to high-speed Internet and hurt ordinary North Carolinians.  Please veto them.

    And then, please call her at (919) 733-2391.  Here's a sample script for you to use:

    A new bill passed by the North Carolina State House and Senate, the Level Playing Field/Local Government Competition Bill (H129), would prohibit local communities in North Carolina from creating their own high-speed Internet networks. Please veto the bill. 

    This bill is unacceptable. Large sections of our state still lack access to high-speed Internet because major corporations like Time Warner Cable refuse to provide service in these areas. If phone and cable companies won't build out their networks, local communities should have the chance to step in. I urge Gov. Perdue to veto this bill.

    We have until Friday at Midnight to convince Governor Perdue to veto the bill in North Carolina that would kill community broadband. Time Warner Cable has spent millions on H129—a bill that would preserve its monopoly by stifling competition from community broadband initiatives.

    Just sign on at right and we'll forward your message to the Governor -- and please share this with your friends.

    Visit Save North Carolina Broadband for more information.

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