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I told my lawmaker to demand that the FCC restore Net Neutrality

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    The Federal Communications Commission looks poised to explicitly permit violations of Net Neutrality -- but we can still stop them.  

    Hundreds of thousands of Demand Progress members have spoken out in support of Net Neutrality this year.   

    We've signed petitions, sent tens of thousands of emails to the Federal Communications Commission, and held meetings between dozens of constituents and their lawmakers. 

    But we need to keep up the pressure on all fronts if we're going to win.

    If you've just made a call to your senators to urge them to tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality regulations, please add your name at right to let us know that you've done so.

    (Your senators' phone numbers are contained in the email we sent that linked you to this page.)

    If we keep up the pressure, we can restore Net Neutrality.