US Trade Rep. Michael Froman: Tell us what you've privately been telling Wall Street about "fast track."

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No “fast track” to killing Dodd-Frank

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    Petition to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman:

    Please reassure the American public about the view you have expressed that “fast-track” and trade negotiations can’t threaten financial reform – by promptly releasing all records of emails and other correspondence between you and representatives of the 10 largest Wall Street banks while you have served in the U.S. Trade Representative position.

    The Obama Administration continues to brush aside warnings from legal experts and policymakers that “fast track” and free trade deals could threaten the Dodd-Frank Act and other protections against recklessness on Wall Street.

    That’s despite the fact that the fact check by Bloomberg News headlined “Why Obama is Wrong and Warren is Right on Trade Bill Quarrel” stated simply that “Elizabeth Warren has got the law on her side” and that trade deals do pose a threat to Wall Street reform.

    Lead trade negotiator Michael Froman is a former executive at banking giant Citigroup. While he helped staff the Obama Administration with bank-friendly officials as a senior member of the 2008 presidential transition team, he was still getting a salary from Citigroup – all while Citigroup was making history with history-shattering bailouts. Then he got a golden parachute worth millions from the bank when he went into government.

    Sign the petition: Tell Michael Froman to let the American public know what he’s been privately telling big banks, and what they’ve been telling him, while he has served as USTR.