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    Tell Congress: Pass the PRO Act!

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    Bessemer isn’t alone anymore: another Amazon warehouse is set to vote on a union1, this time in Staten Island. It’s clear a trend is growing, but even so, for millions of American workers, forming a workplace union is a difficult, complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    There’s a bill in Congress called the PRO Act that will make it easier for any workplace to organize a union. Democrats need to act now, while they still hold the majority, to pass it.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act!

    This year could see the first-ever unionized Amazon warehouse. That’s huge for a slew of reasons. First, it’ll help ensure safer, sustainable workplace conditions, better pay, and an end to Amazon’s “burn and churn” mentality about its own workers. But that’s just the beginning.

    As one of the largest private employers in the country, Amazon’s labor policies influence the whole supply chain. With a union in Amazon and the PRO Act legislation, American workers could build on the momentum to organize their workplaces and demand better working conditions and benefits.

    Everybody should be able to organize a union in their workplace without management interfering. That’s why we need the PRO Act.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act!


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