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    WATCH: Our new ad opposing the PATRIOT Act

    UPDATE, Feb 14th: The House just passed the PATRIOT Act extension, so the fight moves on to the Senate.  There are several versions of the bill in play there, some of which do much more than others to respect Americans' civil liberties -- and there are signals that we have several strong allies in Senate, with Rand Paul (R-KY) announcing his opposition earlier today.  Let's keep up the pressure!


    ORIGINAL: In a stunning move, the House of Representatives refused to extend the PATRIOT Act last week.  The momentum is on our side, but the House and Senate are poised to vote on the PATRIOT Act again this week and we need to keep up the pressure.

    We made this ad, urging Congress to let the PATRIOT Act expire.  It's ready to be aired on TV in Washington, but we need your help.

    Will you make a small donation to help us get our ad on the air?  Every $50 we raise means we'll be able to air it one additional time.  It's quick and easy to donate via the PayPal and ActBlue links at right.

    Please donate at right.  And you can sign our anti-PATRIOT Act petition -- now nearly 70,000 strong -- by clicking here.