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    FBI Caught Spying On Kids! Tell Obama: Let's Fix The PATRIOT Act

    UPDATE: Why is PATRIOT Act reform so imperative?  The Electronic Frontier Foundation just dug up documents that show that the FBI has used the PATRIOT Act to spy on innocent children: "The report describes the FBI's monitoring of young children for five days, despite the fact that none of the voices being monitored matched the voice or language of the target."


    ORIGINAL: Let's hold President Obama accountable: During his campaign, Obama repeatedly promised to reform the PATRIOT Act and protect law-abiding citizens from unchecked government surveillance powers.  Now his administration is resisting meaningful reforms.

    On Tues, April 5th, thousands of Demand Progress members and other Americans will call the White House.  We'll tell President Obama to keep his campaign promises by vetoing any PATRIOT Act renewal bill that lacks powerful new checks and balances to protect the privacy of innocent Americans.  Will you join us?

    The PATRIOT Act is up for renewal next month.  Congressmembers blocked a 3-year extension earlier this year, and many have proposed important amendments that would help protect Americans' civil liberties.  We have a real chance to fix it, but we need Obama to join our cause.

    Please RSVP to call Obama by filling out the form at right -- and sign and forward the PATRIOT Act petition by clicking here.

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