Call Leader Pelosi Today: tell her to speak out against Fast Track Trade Authority -- and save us from the pro-censorship TPP.

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I just called Nancy Pelosi and told her to speak out against Fast Track trade authority for the TPP!

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    We need Leader Pelosi to rally more Democrats to oppose "fast track" authority for the TPP. Use the script below to call her office now. The number is (202) 225-0100.

    Dubbed a  “free trade” agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is actually a dangerous corporate Trojan horse scheme now being negotiated behind closed doors with an end-of-2013 deadline. The TPP would impose the worst provisions of SOPA,  send millions of American jobs overseas, increase medicine prices, extend copyright terms, and expose health and environmental laws to attacks by global corporations. To defeat the TPP, we need Leader Pelosi to rally more Democrats to oppose "fast track" trade authority -- which would allow the President to railroad the TPP through Congress.

    Use the script below to call Nancy Pelosi's leadership office -- and then sign to the right when you're done so we know how many calls were made. The number is (202) 225-0100. 

    Hello, my name is __ {name} __ . I’m calling today about Fast Track trade authority. I just learned that President Obama is trying to sign a deal called the TPP next week in Singapore. Leaked TPP texts reveal it would impose internet censorship, offshore our jobs, raise medicine prices and flood us with unsafe imports. Fast Track would let the president sign this deal before Congress even gets to vote on it and then railroad it through with no amendments and limited debate.

    I know that Leader Pelosi has never been a fan of Fast Track. And I appreciate her taking the terrible Colombia Free Trade Agreement off Fast Track back when. But now, with this rush to sign TPP, I am asking that she publicly state her opposition to Fast Track for TPP ASAP.

    151 House Democrats have already signalted their opposition to Fast track. It’s Congress’ job to fully vet trade deals and ensure they work for everyone, not just giant corporations pushing the TPP. Saying no to Fast Track is the first step to making sure that we do not get slammed again by a bad trade deal. It would be irresponsible for members of Congress to give up their authority over trade when the TPP is lurking in the shadows.

    We need Leader Pelosi to speak up now and save us from the TPP by stopping Fast Track.

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