Tell 2016 Candidates: Pledge to Fight the Corrupting Revolving Door

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    Sen. Tammy Baldwin just introduced a bill to end the worst of the revolving door – and every presidential candidate should support it.

    Look at “golden parachutes” for government work, when big banks and other companies give massive bonuses to their executives to go work in Washington for a few years. That way, the regulators know who they’re really working for – and it’s not the public.

    Sen. Baldwin’s bill would ban this outrageous practice.

    Candidates running for president in 2016 must make it clear where they stand on the revolving door, which lets Wall Street put its friends into high up government positions.

    Sign the petition to call on 2016 candidates to support this bill and pledge to fill their teams with staff devoted to the public interest, not 'revolvers' from Wall Street.

    Petition to 2016 Presidential Candidates:
    Add your support to Sen. Baldwin's bill to fight the revolving door. Also, demonstrate your commitment now by naming tough on Wall Street economic policymakers to your campaign team and pledging to do the same in your administration if elected.