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REJECT Republican plans to privatize Medicare

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    REJECT Republican plans to privatize Medicare

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    We urge you to reject all efforts to cut or privatize Medicare.

    A radical right-wing policy agenda put together by high-level GOP operatives is scary — and it includes a plan to completely privatize Medicare.1

    This plan is a clear attempt by Republicans to cut the social safety net and make health care for seniors worse. It would also be a huge boon for private insurers.

    Republicans have been consistently trying to cut Social Security and Medicare. Congress must protect public health care in America and block all proposed cuts to Medicare.

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    Last year, House Republicans released a plan to gut Medicare with an eye towards privatizing insurance for all seniors.2 The latest extreme plan to completely privatize Medicare is an acceleration of what we know the GOP wants: a social safety net that’s completely destroyed — that includes Social Security too.

    Unfortunately, private insurance corporations like UnitedHealth and Cigna already have a huge, costly foothold in Medicare — last year was the first time a majority of Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in private Medicare Advantage plans. That’s a trend that Donald Trump helped advance while president.

    While Trump was in the White House, his administration emailed millions of Medicare beneficiaries encouraging them to switch to private insurance plans3 which cost the government more money, are filled with fraud, waste, and abuse, and deny care to patients.

    We can’t let this trend continue and allow the GOP to destroy Medicare.

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