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End support for the Israeli military's atrocities

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    End support for the Israeli military's atrocities

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    We urge you to call on President Biden to stop the invasion of Rafah, broker an immediate, permanent ceasefire, and stop sending offensive military support to Israel.

    The world looks on in horror: the Israeli military launched airstrikes on a tent camp in Rafah — killing forty-five innocent Palestinians, including many women and children.1

    The bombing on a camp of innocent people is one of the deadliest single incidents in the war, in a part of Gaza where massive numbers of Palestinians had sought refuge from Israeli violence.2 Israel has only been able to continue its violence with the support of American-made bombs and funding from Congress. How can our leaders standby and let this all continue with U.S. support?

    Sign the petition: Urge Congress to call for a permanent, immediate ceasefire and end military support for Israel.

    Gruesome images have come out from Rafah after this horrific bombing. It’s yet another atrocity after the Israeli military has already killed over 34,000 Palestinains and 200 aid workers. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government has also cut off food, water, and medical aid to countless people in Gaza.

    The entire international community has made it clear, including the International Court of Justice, that Israel must stop its invasion of Rafah.3 The United States has warned Prime Minister Netanyahu about Rafah too, but President Biden and Congress have continued the flow of weapons and funding to the Israeli military.

    The only way to stop the Israeli military’s onslaught on the Palestinian people is an immediate diplomatic solution AND the U.S. ending its support for these atrocities.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to urge President Biden to stop the invasion of Rafah, demand a permanent ceasefire, and end weapons sales to Israel.


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