Senate Republicans are rushing to ram through Trump’s extremist pro-corporate Supreme Court pick.

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Petition: Filibuster Neil Gorsuch

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    Petition to the Senate:
    Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court is a right-wing extremist who consistently sides with big corporations over ordinary Americans. The deck is already stacked enough in favor of powerful corporations without entrenching a pro-corporate majority on the Supreme Court for a generation. Please support the filibuster to block Neil Gorsuch from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

    Hearings for Trump’s far-right, pro-corporate Supreme Court nominee are over – and Senate Republicans want to rush a vote on Neil Gorsuch as early as April 3.

    Giving Gorsuch a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court could lock in an ultra-conservative majority for a generation.

    Neil Gorsuch believes corporations are people and rules in favor of those corporate “people” over living, breathing humans so often he’s an obvious pick for the corporate 1%. Think about it:

    Big corporations love putting their flunkies in power.

    Gorsuch is only where he is because right-wing oil billionaire Philip Anschutz made George W. Bush put Gorsuch on a federal appeals court – then corporate-funded  conservative think tanks picked him for Trump’s Supreme Court short list.

    Big corporations hate it when people protect themselves against dangerous working conditions.

    A trucker whose vehicle had broken down left his unheated trailer to warm up instead of freezing to death in -14 degree weather.1 His company fired him for it. Gorsuch was the only dissenting judge who thought it was legal – a ruling Al Franken rightly called “absurdity.”

    Big corporations want to pour even bigger amounts of money into politics.

    Gorsuch threatens to kill the last protections against big money dominating politics after Citizens United. In the hearing, he wouldn’t even give a straight answer on whether he thought a direct exchange of money for a vote is corruption!2

    Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to reject radically pro-corporate Neil Gorsuch.
    Many Democrats, led by Jeff Merkley and Chuck Schumer are saying they’ll filibuster and insist on the 60-vote standard met by all of the justices put on the Supreme Court by Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

    But some Democrats and Republicans are reportedly searching for a “deal” to put Gorsuch on the court.3 That is unacceptable.

    Gorsuch is so radical that all 8 current members of the Supreme Court unanimously overruled his reasoning that autistic students deserve nothing more than bare minimum progress in school.4

    The New York Times rates him farther to the right than arch-conservative Antonin Scalia.5

    And writings from Gorsuch’s time in the Bush administration show he supports torture and would rubber stamp executive over-reach – a perfect “yes man” for Trump.6

    At 49 years old, a radical conservative like Gorsuch would lock in a hard-right majority on the Supreme Court for a generation.

    Tell the Senate: Block Trump’s takeover of the Supreme Court. Filibuster and vote to reject Trump’s pro-corporate Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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