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Sign the petition: Fix the Supreme Court and save abortion rights!

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    Sign the petition: Fix the Supreme Court and save abortion rights!

    Petition to the President and Congress:
    The federal courts have become unbalanced and now our basic rights are at risk. We urge you to expand the Supreme Court, which is permitted by the Constitution and has been done in the past, and help restore balance to the judiciary as well as protect basic human rights and our democracy.

    Right-wing justices on the Supreme Court are on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade and ending abortion rights. And Democrats aren't moving quickly enough to stop them.

    So far this month the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding Mississippi's attempt to outlaw abortions, and continued to allow Texas' anti-abortion law to stand. In both instances, the six right-wing justices made it very clear they intend to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the effects with be devastating.

    Since Texas' abortion law took effect, abortions there have fallen by half.1

    We have to stop this runaway Supreme Court, and the best way to do that is by adding more seats so we can fix a broken and extremist institution.

    Will you sign the petition and urge President Biden and Congress to expand the Supreme Court and save our basic rights? 

    Since John Roberts became Chief Justice 15 years ago, the Supreme Court has gone on a spree of right-wing activism that has delighted the conservative base while curtailing our basic rights and freedoms. This Court has undermined immigrant rights, refused to protect abortion rights, and undertaken a major expansion of corporate power. The Supreme Court struck down key portions of the Voting Rights Act, and gutted campaign finance laws with Citizens United.

    The Supreme Court is even planning an attack on the environment, taking up a case that could help oil companies prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases.2

    Despite these huge threats, President Biden and Congress aren't stepping up to act.

    The size of the Supreme Court is not written into the Constitution at all. That power is given to Congress. Over time, Congress has both added and removed seats from the Supreme Court. And they've expanded the size of other federal courts.3

    Polls show the American people see that this Supreme Court isn't legitimate.4 We aren't going to fix that or save our democracy and basic rights with minor tweaks. We need to rebalance this court -- NOW.

    Unfortunately, time is running out. In order to expand the Supreme Court and get new justices on the federal bench before Congress is consumed with upcoming elections, they must act fast.

    Add your name now: Tell Congress to expand the Supreme Court!

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