Comcast wants to spy on you and sell your browsing history to the highest bidder.

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Tell Congress: Don't let Comcast spy on us!

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    Petition to U.S. Congress:
    Last year, the FCC put in place strong privacy rules regulating how internet service providers can use the private data and browsing information of their customers. These rules work; they protect consumers’ data and keep their sensitive information safe from misuse. Please leave them in place and vote against any efforts to use the Congressional Review Act to dismantle the FCC’s broadband-privacy rules.

    Comcast and the big cable and internet companies want to spy on you.1 They want to snoop into your browsing history, location, and what apps you download. And then, they want to sell it to advertisers, data brokers, and anyone else willing to pay. 

    Last year, the FCC created strong rules to prevent just this type of intrusion into our privacy. Its broadband privacy rules required cable and internet companies to get your permission before snooping into your private online data and then selling or sharing it.

    TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to stop Comcast from secretly spying on you online.

    Big Cable has gotten some of their friends in both the House and Senate to introduce resolutions to gut these important protections for your online privacy using a sneaky process called the Congressional Review Act.

    Before Trump took office, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) had only been used once since it was first enacted in 1996. Since Trump took office, Congress has already used it FOUR TIMES to roll back important health and anti-corruption regulations.2

    Not only would using CRA let Comcast spy on you and sell your data now, but it would prevent the FCC from EVER enacting similar rules to protect our privacy online again. 

    With the stroke of a pen, Congress can turn the internet back into the Wild West, with no sheriff in town to shield your online privacy from Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and other cable companies.

    Tell Congress: Our browsing histories are not for sale. Don’t let Comcast spy on us!

    If Big Cable successfully gets its buddies in Congress to roll back these rules, you will have to opt out of your ISP collecting and sharing your data instead of opting in. Opting out of these types of schemes is often difficult, as ISPs go out of their way to make the process as complicated as possible.

    Your private online information is yours and yours alone — no cable company or ISP should have the right to share or sell your data to unknown companies and actors without your express consent.

    Tell Congress to vote against ANY attempt to use the CRA to let Big Cable spy on us.

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