Former president Jimmy Carter just came out swinging to get big money out of our elections.

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Tell Congress: Support a Fair Elections campaign finance system!

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    At a forum in Georgia, he said:

    “Personally, I'd like to see public funds used for all elections — Congress, U.S. Senate, governor and president."

    We couldn’t agree more. In an election year that is expected to be the most expensive in US history – and largely funded by secret money – it’s time for a change.

    The Internet has allowed small donors to play a bigger role in funding campaigns – just look at Bernie Sanders's exceptional small donor fundraising. If we establish a Fair Elections campaign finance system where small donations are matched with public funds, it would be a revolutionary shift of power from special interests and billionaires to ordinary voters in all campaigns.

    And moving to a system where candidates can really power their campaign with $5 and $25 contributions matched 6-to-1 with public funds means that elected officials WILL have to listen to people like you, not just big money lobbyists.

    There are already bills introduced in the House by Rep. Sarbanes – called the Government by the People Act – and in the Senate by Sen. Richard Durbin – called the Fair Elections Now Act – that would fundamentally change how we fund our elections AND already have the support of the majority of the Democratic Caucus.

    But with the cards stacked against us in favor of big money interests, we need to get loud to make sure Congress hears us.

    Take a stand with Jimmy Carter today: Tell Congress to put everyday Americans first and institute a Fair Elections campaign finance system!