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Tell the President and Congress: No climate, no deal!

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    Tell the President and Congress: No climate, no deal!

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    The climate crisis is here and the infrastructure deal is an opportunity to help address it that we cannot pass up. The infrastructure deal must include bold climate action, and must not pass without it. No climate, no deal!

    As the climate crisis continues to get worse, we must make sure that any infrastructure bill includes massive resources to build green projects.

    Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, bipartisan negotiations in the Senate have produced proposals that would exclude green infrastructure, as Republicans have demanded. Progressives such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pramila Jayapal, and AOC have responded by saying "no climate, no deal" -- pledging to oppose a deal if it doesn't include green infrastructure.1

    If we don't get bold climate action now, we may never see the level of funding needed to prevent climate catastrophe. We need to show President Biden and Congress that the American people agree: No climate, no deal!

    Sign the petition: No infrastructure deal without going big on climate action and green infrastructure!

    Here's where things stand right now in Congress: A group of Senate Democrats, including Joe Manchin, are negotiating with Senate Republicans on an infrastructure bill that would be much smaller than what President Biden proposed -- and would exclude most of the green infrastructure intended to address the climate crisis.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Bernie Sanders are also pushing a $6 trillion plan that Democrats would pass all by themselves, using the reconciliation process. This would include the badly needed climate projects.2

    To make sure that larger, green package passes, progressives in the House have insisted that they will vote for a compromise bill only after the Senate has also passed that larger green infrastructure plan using the reconciliation process.3 They've also urged Senate Democrats to stop negotiating entirely with Republicans.4 

    We need to show all members of Congress that we agree with the progressive leaders: No climate, no deal.

    Every day Democrats spend cutting bad deals with Republicans is another day without a plan to save the planet. Republicans are entering the room with one clear mission: negotiate away one of our last chances to save us from catastrophe. Tackling the climate crisis is more important than bipartisanship.

    Tell Biden and Congress: No infrastructure deal without going big on climate action! 

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