The AT&T-Time Warner merger is a serious threat to net neutrality.

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Tell the DOJ: Block the AT&T Time Warner Merger!

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    Petition to U.S. Department of Justice:
    Please block the AT&T-Time Warner merger. A merger between one of the largest cable companies and largest content providers would lead to reduced choice, higher prices, threaten net neutrality by making AT&T a gatekeeper of the internet, and represent a dangerous concentration of economic and political power.

    We’ve been talking about the danger of a merger between AT&T and Time Warner for a long time now. A merger between one of the largest cable companies and one of the largest content providers would be a disaster for consumers, and a clear and present danger to the principle of net neutrality.

    And we’re not the only ones who are worried about this. Just recently, 11 U.S. senators sent a letter to the Department of Justice calling for it to reject the AT&T-Time Warner merger.

    Tell the DOJ: Block the AT&T-Time Warner merger!

    Fighting bad mergers like AT&T-Time Warner and protecting net neutrality are two sides of the same coin. We must block the AT&T-Time Warner merger to protect net neutrality, and the AT&T-Time Warner merger is exactly why we need net neutrality.

    Time Warner is a HUGE company that owns everything from HBO and CNN to the DC Comics franchise, Warner Brothers, TBS, and countless other media entities.

    And when AT&T isn’t busy overcharging consumers, it’s turning over your information to the NSA, trying to stop local communities from building their own broadband networks, and fighting net neutrality at every opportunity.

    Big Cable companies like AT&T are not content to control the pipes. They want to control the content running through those pipes too.

    But we can stop them. With the showdown between Team Internet and Team Cable over net neutrality looming, we can bring more voices than ever into the argument for why the AT&T-Time Warner merger is a bad idea.

    Tell the DOJ: Block the AT&T-Time Warner merger!