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Tell the FCC: Block the Sinclair-Tribune Merger!

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    Tell the FCC: Block the Sinclair-Tribune Merger!


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    If Sinclair Broadcast Group is allowed to merge with Tribune Media, it would reach 72% of US households. One national company controlling so much of the market will damage local coverage and lead to fewer choices and higher cable prices. Sinclair is known to interfere with its local stations’ editorial discretion and choices, and subsumes local coverage in favor of national segments hand-picked by its ownership. Sinclair has yet to prove how a merger with Tribune would be in the public’s best interest. The FCC should not allow this merger to move forward.

    On October 18, the FCC put its review of the Sinclair-Tribune merger on hold to accept more public comments. Now is our chance to FLOOD the FCC with opposition to this terrible merger from people like you.1

    The FCC is accepting public comments until November 2. If enough people submit comments opposing this corporate marriage made in hell, we can stop it for good.

    Tell the FCC: Block the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

    Sinclair is well-known for inserting the political views of its ownership into local news with its “must-run segments” and refusal to air content it doesn’t like. It was one of Trump’s leading mouthpieces during the election, and even tried to get a deal with the Trump campaign for exclusive access.2

    Sinclair’s slanted coverage is bad enough – but this merger could hit you in your wallet too. Enabling Sinclair to become a broadcasting behemoth would likely raise cable rates, according to media watchdog Public Knowledge.3

    Just a few months ago, it seemed like this merger was on the fast track to being a done deal. But now the momentum is moving in our direction. News employees at stations across the country have vowed to fight the merger through and with their union.4 The FCC stopped the clock on the review and opened up comment under public pressure.

    Stop Trump TV. Tell the FCC to block the Sinclair-Tribune merger!

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    Stop Trump TV. Tell the FCC to block the Sinclair-Tribune merger!