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Tell the FTC: Shut down Ever app’s secret facial recognition AI!

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    Tell the FTC: Shut down Ever app’s secret facial recognition AI!

    Petition to FTC:
    Ever app secretly used private family photos from millions of users to develop facial recognition AI to sell in law enforcement and military contracts. This massive invasion of privacy must be stopped immediately. Shut down Ever app’s facial recognition AI.

    If you use Ever app photos of your family and friends were likely used in secret to develop facial recognition AI to sell to governments, military contractors and law enforcement. Tell the FTC to shut down Ever’s facial recognition AI.

    Ever marketed their app as a warm and fuzzy digital space to store photos for millions of users across the planet. But ever since 2016, they secretly used personal photos to build an advanced facial recognition spy technology.1

    The company is backpedaling now and trying to hide behind new 2500-word privacy policy that – let’s face it – most people don’t bother reading when downloading apps.

    This app is appalling. And shouldn’t be allowed to sell facial recognition technology built without the clear consent of millions of users.

    Right now, there’s a tech company arms race over facial recognition technology. Governments could use this technology to spy on journalists, target political protesters, harass and surveil communities of color, and escalate deportations.

    Tech companies like Ever want to capitalize on human misery by accessing private family photos to build sophisticated facial recognition AI. Tell the FTC to stop this program dead in its tracks!


    1. NBC News, “Millions of people uploaded photos to the Ever app. Then the company used them to develop facial recognition tools,” May 9, 2019.