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Tell Google to stop secretly tracking user locations!

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    Tell Google to stop secretly tracking user locations!

    Petition to Google CEO Sundar Pichai:
    When users disable location tracking, Google must respect that and actually stop all mobile location tracking. Stop secretly tracking Google users’ locations.

    Google is always watching you. But if that makes you uncomfortable, you can always disable the location tracking feature on your device, and they’ll stop, right?

    Wrong! Even after turning off the location data feature, Google continues to secretly track users’ locations.1 Sign the petition, tell Google to stop spying on their users!

    Google claims that they need to know your every movement 24 hours a day to better advertise to you. Because who cares about your constitutional right to privacy when there’s a sale going on?

    Advertising might seem benign, but location tracking – even if you explicitly turn that feature off – is a slippery slope. Increasingly, local law enforcement, ICE, and the FBI rely on tech companies to provide them data about end users. So when Google secretly tracks your location, even after you tell it to stop, law enforcement and ICE can potentially know where you are too. At all times.

    Google targeting ads based on your up-to-the-minute location can be annoying. ICE collecting that data from Google is downright dangerous.

    Tell Google: stop secretly tracking users’ locations immediately.


    1. The Hill, “Report: Google tracks users even with location history turned off,” August 13, 2018.