UPDATE: After a judge overruled him, the Michigan Attorney General just filed an appeal to stop the recount.

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Tell the Michigan Attorney General: Don't Block the Recount!

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    Petition to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette:
    Americans have a right to complete confidence in the integrity of the electoral process, and to ensure every vote is counted. Please immediately drop your emergency motion to stop the recount of votes in Michigan and allow it to go forward without further interference.

    After state Attorney General Bill Schuette filed suit to stop the recount of the election results in Michigan – where Trump won by a razor thin 11,000 vote margin – a judge overruled his lawsuit and ordered the recount to begin immediately.

    BUT Schuette is refusing to take no for an answer: He not only filed an appeal of the judge's ruling, but now he's also joined a federal lawsuit to stop the recount and is publicly berating the judge who overruled him!

    Regardless of who you voted for on November 8, we should all be disturbed when a state Attorney General uses their power to shut down an audit of the vote.

    Americans deserve complete confidence in the integrity of the voting process.

    It’s natural to want to ensure votes are counted fairly – especially when one candidate (Clinton) won the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes, while her opponent (Trump) eked out an Electoral College win by a total of less than 80,000 votes in 3 crucial states, combined.

    What’s more – the Michigan legislature is rushing through a voter suppression bill as you are reading this.

    The fact that Michigan AG Bill Schuette filed this motion at the same time his party is trying to disenfranchise Michigan voters is cause for intense skepticism and concern about his motives.

    Filing his emergency motion on a Friday makes clear Schuette is hoping no one would notice.

    But if enough people stand up right now and demand he withdraw his motion, we can send a message loud and clear that Americans won’t sit idly by while he and Michigan legislature attempt to undermine our electoral system.

    Sign the petition: Tell the Michigan Attorney General to stop blocking the recount!