There's a secret plan to expand access to the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance data.

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Tell President Obama: Stop the secret plan to expand NSA data sharing!

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    The New York Times is reporting President Obama and the NSA are moving forward with a secret plan to expand the sharing of innocent Americans’ information collected under NSA mass surveillance programs – without input from the public or Congress.  

    If the administration gets its way, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would have access to raw NSA data – they’d be able to search through unfiltered, un-redacted information about millions of ordinary Americans, without probable cause.

    And they’d be able to use that data against people for regular criminal investigations, even without getting a warrant. 

    The NSA mass surveillance programs already infringe too much on our 4th Amendment rights – this expansion would be a move in EXACTLY the wrong direction.

    Tell President Obama: Protect Americans’ privacy. Stop the secret plan to share NSA data with law enforcement!

    Petition to President Barack Obama:

    The government should not be able to bypass Americans' constitutional rights and give domestic law enforcement access to national security tools.

    We respectfully urge you to take action and halt the plan to share NSA mass surveillance data with the FBI and domestic law enforcement!