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Stop Clarence Thomas and Leonard Leo. Root out corruption on the Supreme Court!

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    Stop Clarence Thomas and Leonard Leo. Root out corruption on the Supreme Court!

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    Pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act.

    Leonard Leo, the chief architect behind stacking the Supreme Court with conservative judges, finds his right-wing network caught up in a recent SCOTUS case challenging Idaho’s extreme abortion ban.

    Several briefs in the case (Moyle v. U.S.), where the Biden administration challenges part of Idaho’s anti-abortion law, were filed by groups connected to Leonard Leo and the Koch network.1 These right-wing groups are attempting to influence the Court, despite Leo’s connections to conservative judges — for instance, he has organized luxury trips for Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.2

    There should be ZERO question that when the highest court in the land rules on a case, decisions are made WITHOUT the influence of big donors and powerful friends whispering in the ears of Justices. Congress needs to pass legislation to ensure strict ethical standards are upheld on the Court.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to restore ethical standards to the Supreme Court. Pass a SCOTUS ethics act now!

    Leonard Leo, the co-chair of the Federalist Society and former Trump advisor, recently urged billionaires to “take full advantage” of the conservative supermajority on SCOTUS.3

    The ongoing scandals involving Justices Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and their billionaire benefactors like Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo are not just morally reprehensible. The injection of huge sums of money into our legal system has led directly to a right-wing Court that’s gutted our reproductive rights, decimated environmental protections, and more.4

    Trusting the Supreme Court to police itself is what led us into this mess. We need Congress to pass this bill to finally create a real, binding code of conduct for our federal courts.

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