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Demand Clarence Thomas recuses himself in Trump's immunity case!

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    Demand Clarence Thomas recuses himself in Trump's immunity case!

    Petition to the Supreme Court:
    We call for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the Trump immunity case due to clear conflicts of interest.

    Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni Thomas, attended the January 6 Stop the Steal rally and pleaded with senior White House staff to help Trump overturn the election in the days leading up to the insurrection.1

    Now Clarence Thomas wants to rule on Trump’s immunity case, which the Supreme Court heard this week. Thomas has a CLEAR conflict of interest in the case — which could decide whether Trump and others involved in January 6, including his wife, could be prosecuted for election interference.2

    Sign the petition: Demand that Clarence Thomas recuse himself in the Trump immunity case!

    The slew of Clarence Thomas’ ethics issues are not minor, isolated incidents. He’s taken millions in undisclosed luxury vacations and income from right-wing billionaires, and that’s just the beginning of it. To describe Thomas’s string of behaviors that likely broke the law, experts and retired judges have used words like INCOMPREHENSIBLE, HIDING, VIOLATION, and CORRODES PUBLIC TRUST.3,4

    Thomas has refused to step aside in other cases where he’s had a conflict of interest. Now, in this case involving Trump, the ruling could implicate his own wife in Trump's criminal scheme to overturn the 2020 election. He must step aside immediately.

    Add your name: Enough with Clarence Thomas’ conflicts of interest. He must recuse himself in Trump’s immunity case.


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