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Sign the petition: Keep corporate cronies out of the Treasury!

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    Sign the petition: Keep corporate cronies out of the Treasury!

    Petition to the President and the Senate:
    Neil MacBride is unfit to be General Counsel at the Treasury due to his extensive ties to some of the country's most exploitative corporations. We urge you to reject his nomination.

    President Biden just made a disastrous pick for the Treasury Department's top lawyer. Will you help tell the Senate to reject him?

    Neil MacBride openly bragged about suing the Treasury Department on behalf of ExxonMobil to overturn a sanctions notice levied against it for violations of the Constitution.1

    Now he's been nominated to serve as the General Counsel for the Treasury.

    MacBride's record defending corporate crimes is long. He defended pharmaceutical corporation AstraZeneca against alleged terrorist financing. He represented megabank Morgan Stanley in settling cases regarding its mortgage-backed securities.2

    President Biden and Secretary Yellen have threatened the public trust in making this nomination and the Senate should reject it.

    Will you add your name? MacBride's defense of corporate crimes makes him unfit to be General Counsel at the Treasury and the Senate should reject his nomination.

    MacBride has made a career out of keeping corporate executives out of jail for 'financial fraud, anti-corruption, money laundering, economic sanctions, False Claims Act violations, securities enforcement, and procurement and tax fraud.' You don’t have to take our word for it -- that's how MacBride describes it himself.3

    Someone who's worked on behalf of these exploitative corporations -- and against the interests of the American people -- should not be trusted in a top role at the Treasury.

    Some of the Treasury's most consequential responsibilities include overseeing national banks and managing federal finances. These responsibilities seem quite difficult to do in the public interest when you've recently been on the side of the banks and massive corporations.

    Thanks to the activism of people like you, we've successfully pushed back on appointments with similar conflicts to that of MacBride. Alex Oh, who worked on behalf of Exxon, lasted only 6 days at the SEC before resigning under massive pressure. Now it's time to do the same with MacBride and ensure that he is kept out of the Treasury.

    Add your name: The Senate should reject the nomination of MacBride!

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