Trump claims “The president can’t have a conflict of interest.”

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Petition: Stop Donald Trump from abusing the presidency for personal profit

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    Petition to Congress:
    Donald Trump’s continued personal stake in his business empire creates an unacceptable conflict of interest. News reports confirm that Trump has used official meetings with foreign leaders to advance his personal business interests, in an unbelievable breach of the public trust. Please immediately pass the Presidential Accountability Act (HR 6340) to require presidents to end their conflicts of interest.

    Donald Trump just bragged to the New York Times that nothing is stopping him from using the power of the presidency to enrich himself and his family’s business empire.

    He claimed, “The law’s totally on my side. The president can’t have a conflict of interest.”1

    News reports confirm Trump is already using his power as president-elect to benefit his business empire. He recently:

    • Met with the Trump Organization's business partners in India – who are managing $1.5 billion in Trump projects – a week after winning the presidential election.2
    • Asked British officials to oppose wind farms in Scotland he says would mar the view from his company’s golf course.3
    • Put his adult children in charge of running his business empire AND at the helm of the transition team selecting the Trump administration's top officials and policies.4
    • And foreign diplomats are already booking expensive rooms in Trump's hotel in DC, knowing they can buy favor because enriching Trump's business empire enriches Trump.5

    This is a breach of the public trust. There must be no question that America’s highest elected official uses their power to serve the public good, not to get personally richer.

    Rep. Katherine Clark has a bill in Congress to force Donald Trump and any future president to end their conflicts of interest. If we’re going to prevent unprecedented corruption of the presidency, Congress must pass this bill.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Do not allow Donald Trump to abuse the power of the presidency to enrich himself and his business empire.

    Trump will soon govern the world’s largest economy and control the most powerful military force on the planet.

    When Trump’s business empire – run by his children – wants a special favor from a foreign official or corporate executive it will be beyond difficult for them to say no.

    They know that enriching the Trump Organization is equivalent to enriching the president of the United States.

    There’s only one reasonable solution: Trump must liquidate his stake in the Trump Organization and put the money into a certified blind trust6 – not letting his children run his business empire (which the media have let Trump falsely call a “blind trust”).

    Currently, federal officials are forbidden from using government actions for personal financial gain, but there’s a loophole exempting the president and vice-president.

    Trump loves using loopholes to profit at the public’s expense. So let’s close it NOW.

    Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) just introduced a bill to eliminate Trump’s ethics loophole and require all presidents, including Trump, to end their conflicts of interest.

    The Presidential Accountability Act (H.R. 6340)7 would make Trump and every president either put their assets into a certified blind trust or publicly disclose every official action they take that could affect their personal financial interests.

    Sign the petition: Stop Donald Trump from abusing the power of the presidency to enrich himself and advance his business interests. Pass the Presidential Accountability Act immediately.

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