RED ALERT: Trump’s FCC chair just declared war on the internet, releasing his plan to kill net neutrality.

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    A free and open internet is critical for Americans to connect with their friends and family, exercise their freedom of speech, and create innovative new businesses. In 2015, the FCC established strong net neutrality rules to protect the free and open internet Americans depend on. Please reject any plan from Trump or his FCC Chair to roll back net neutrality rules and open the door to a corporate controlled internet.

    Trump’s FCC chair Ajit Pai just publicly announced his plans to kill net neutrality, pledging to gut the rules protecting a free and open internet that Demand Progress members fought so hard for.

    It would be a green light for Comcast and Verizon to create the corporate-controlled internet their executives dream of at night.

    Sign the petition: Hands off the internet! Reject Trump’s plan to end net neutrality.

    This plan is a big, wet kiss to the corporate execs at Big Cable. No wonder that Trump’s FCC Chair is a former Verizon lawyer like Ajit Pai.

    No net neutrality means Big Cable can extort mafia-style shakedown fees for decent speeds – and push the rest of us into internet “slow lanes.”

    And no net neutrality is a threat to freedom of speech online, allowing Big Cable to choose what content you see online and how easily you can access it.

    (That's even scarier when you remember that Big Cable funded Trump’s inauguration – bigly.)

    Demand Progress members have fought hard to keep the internet free and open, helping drive the record 4 million public comments that got the FCC to issue the Open Internet rules in 2015. Now, we need to fight even harder.

    Sign the petition to Congress and the FCC: Reject Trump’s plan for a corporate-controlled internet.

    Pai has been busy meeting privately with corporate executives about his plan, but he doesn't seem quite so excited to talk to groups representing actual ordinary people who rely on the internet.

    Trump’s FCC chair may not want to hear how much people want to keep strong Title II net neutrality rules. So let’s make sure we create a grassroots outcry so loud he can’t ignore it.

    Sign the petition to tell the FCC and policymakers: Reject Trump’s plan to roll back strong net neutrality rules and hand the internet over to Comcast.