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Tell Congress: Include Trump's profiting from presidency in impeachment

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    Tell Congress: Include Trump's profiting from presidency in impeachment

    Petition to Congress:

    We urge you to include Trump's efforts to profit personally from the presidency, including his failed attempt to host the G7 summit meeting at his own Florida resort, as part of the impeachment inquiry. We need to get to the bottom of Trump's self-dealing, which may well be criminal and unconstitutional. Don't let him off the hook!

    BREAKING: Donald Trump just caved to massive public pressure and announced the next G7 meeting of world leaders will NOT be held at a Florida resort he owns.1

    This is still just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other examples of Donald Trump  trying to profit personally from being president. These may well violate the Constitution's "emoluments" clause, along with numerous other laws.

    But right now, the House impeachment inquiry is focused on the Ukraine scandal. Trump has been getting away with a corrupt and unconstitutional practice of making money off of his presidency, and we need to make sure it's part of the impeachment process. If we don't, he'll just do this again, and again, and again.

    Tell Congress: Include Trump's self-dealing and personal profiting as part of the impeachment inquiry!

    This is just the latest in a long line of ways Trump is breaking the rules in order to make money from being President of the United States.

    Just last month we learned that the U.S. military was spending $11 million at unusual stopovers at Trump's Scotland resort, part of a larger pattern of military spending on Trump properties.2

    We also recently learned that Attorney General William Barr, when not busy helping Trump undermine the impeachment inquiry, has planned an official holiday party - at a Trump hotel.3

    In fact, profits at Trump's hotels have soared since 2016, particularly at his hotel in Washington, D.C. near the White House, as big corporations like T-Mobile with pending business with the Trump Administration spend more of their time and money there.4

    This is likely just the tip of the iceberg, and a full Congressional investigation as part of an impeachment inquiry might reveal even more facts. But unless we speak up, House leaders may limit that inquiry to just the Ukraine scandal - and we could lose an opportunity to hold him accountable for his unconstitutional self-dealing.

    Add your name: Tell Congress to include Trump's personal profiting from the presidency as part of their impeachment inquiry!

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